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That’s an exceptional upgrade path and a historically rare opportunity.

AMD’s formal commitment is to support AM4 through 2020.

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There have been some headlines claiming that this would represent a breach of AMD’s promise to support Ryzen motherboards across multiple product generations.AMD has typically done a better job of offering cross-generational motherboard compatibility, but there are still limits to what the company can practically do.It can’t force OEMs to develop and release UEFI updates for products, and from the OEM perspective, every UEFI they release with third-generation Ryzen support is a third-generation Ryzen motherboard they won’t AMD couldn’t predict in 2017 which OEMs would or wouldn’t maintain UEFI update schedules for future products, or the exact motherboards they’d agree to support.Historically, lower-cost boards on lower-end chipsets haven’t always supported top-end microprocessors as well as high-end motherboards do.OEMs are typically willing to spend more money on power circuitry or more PCB layers on products that will sell for higher retail prices.

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