Updating primary key

EDIT 2: The information that you need is found in sys.foreign_keys.You can select from that table to get all the information you need.This column becomes a foreign key in the second table. Sales Order Header table has a foreign key link to the Sales.Sales Person table because there is a logical relationship between sales orders and salespeople.Thus NO ACTION is taken after updating my primary keys columns.How can I update the foreign keys to make them ON CASCADE UPDATE ?

The problem is that since Column2 is part of the primary key, Apex won't let me specify Column2 as updateable in a regular Tabular Form. A post from John Paul Cook can be found here: ( This code will drop and create ALL FK constraints in a database.You should be able to work from that to make only the changes that you want in your database. Here's a small how-to: Basically, when you modify the PK, the cascade will go out and update all the FKs that reference it.I have a table with two columns, both of which make up the primary key.I want the user to be able to update Column2, and to only see relevant records.

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