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Therefore, Blizzard won't ban someone from using any Add Ons.3rd party programs are actual programs that get loaded into memory and executed using their own code.It is a good idea, however, to update your Add Ons as you get the opportunity to do so, because not only do the authors fix anything broken, but most authors are also constantly tweaking their mod to make them better.Well, there's no guarantee that your Add Ons will work error-free after a patch, since it is Blizzard's prerogative to change any and all of the API used by various Add Ons.These steps will ensure a clean and aggravation free mod using experience.They will ensure that you don't spend hours trying to figure out exactly what killed your system. Use the "Load Outdated Add Ons" check box, located under the Add Ons button on your Character Select screen instead.A "UI", "Add On" or "Mod" (the terms tend to be used interchangeably) is anything that provides "Modifications" or "Adds On to" the original base User Interface as supplied by Blizzard.

Examples of Add Ons: Please note, this is definitely not anywhere near a "complete" list, there are many many many others.

Information on Macros and Scripts can be found further along in this FAQ.

- Remember that when you are asking about "the best UI", while people can point you to the mod they prefer, it is just that, a personal preference. Person B doesn't like Mod/Compilation X, they prefer Mod/Compilation Y.

It's the infamous "World of Rogue Craft" Add On : P It will display the damage you take in above your char, and display whenever a special action occurs (ie a weapon proc).

Note that Wo W now has a built in scrolling combat text, that has most of the functionality of SCT.

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