Validating databases after migration oracle 8i 10g

To correct this the freelists must be rebuilt using the view indicates if this action has been successful.

At this point the table can be used again but you will have to take steps to correct any data loss associated with the missing blocks.

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January 10, 2011 - am UTC doh, you are correct, I was thinking advanced replication/materialized views. Also, if i create a blank destination database (on the new platform) with desired character set and then use exp/imp to create a copy of the source database, will i need to do any thing (any extra step) to resolve endian compatibility and moving to a different character set? Hey Tom, On the character set conversion thing, let me be more specific. So i am still not sure what all i need to do as part of export and import to make sure my data is not corrupted or lost after import to target?

BMR can only be performed via RMAN using the package allows you to detect and repair corruption.

The process requires two administration tables to hold a list of corrupt blocks and index keys pointing to those blocks. If the orphan key count is greater than 0 the index should be rebuilt.

I would say that streams is your likely candidate as you already have it, unless you already have golden gate as well - it is an extra cost option to the database.

Thank you Tom To use streams, i need to create a copy of source database. If your database is of any size, it will be slow.3) xml type columns are going to be problematic.

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