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In fact I’m really just a boring serial monogamist with an unnaturally low interest in entertaining casual dating because I find most of it extremely awkward, tiresome and used.

I don’t have any desires to go out and seek a companion and the thought of online dating makes me want to fall into a tiny hole and stay there forever.

Even when I had the time to let someone wine and dine me, I’d choose eating dinner at a fancy restaurant alone rather than subpar conversations and food that began to taste worse in bad man aura.

Although I recognized the attitude was a problem and I may have had something to do with being caught in this nasty cycle, it suited my ego to consider myself as ‘intelligently selective.’Just when I was about to retreat to a hole this time around, a friend of mine messaged me out of the blue.

Admittedly the first taste of it was kind of exhilarating.

Each night out was something different; new restaurants to try, Broadway shows, cool bars and clubs, events around the city.

I started to become reluctant to continue trying, but at the same time I was struggling with an aching loneliness.

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However, in light of the fact that I’ve recently been pushed back into the dating pool, I decided rather than commiserate, I would do something productive, because despite my pessimism I really just want a couch companion.

So I’ve attempted to do some navigating in this world in hopes of finding a better way for all of you who share the struggle with me of meeting great people. After finally giving six years of continuous long-term relationship life a break, I began to entertain casual dinners.

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