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He grabbed one of Thomas’s old shirts (his room was still messy, just the way he left it the last time he visited), and covered his phone. These are my leisure clothes.” Wes felt his stomach lurch. In his tape, he had specifically outlined that Brennan should want to stay home, that his rightful place for the day would be indoors, that he would find the idea of staying home irresistible. One of the trigger words he had placed in his tape was the word ‘freeze’, and it was time he tested it out. He waved his hand in front of his eyes, and there was no response. Brennan scooped the cereal into his mouth and chewed it, continuing like nothing had happened.He hit the play button, then backed off, as the sound of his own voice started playing near Brennan at a low volume, soothing like the steam rising from a cup of tea. and then, listen to my words, Brennan, with every breath you take, fall deeper and deeper into trance, breathe in, breathe out, slower and slower, deeper into trance you go…” He felt embarrassed by the sound of his own voice, but he did notice that Brennan’s breathing seemed to slow down. More importantly, Wes had suggested that Brennan wear as little clothing as possible the next morning, without being too indecent, and his outfit seemed to align with that. He waited until Brennan stopped talking and then went for it, fingers crossed. Brennan stopped dead in his tracks, in the middle of placing a spoonful of cereal into his mouth, as if he were posing for a photo. Milk dripped from his spoon into the bowl below, and his chest rose and fell gently as he breathed, the only sign of life. “Freeze.” Brennan froze again, his cheeks bulging with cereal. Perhaps it was because he already asleep, or due to the length of the tape he had made, but Brennan was the most responsive hypnotic subject he had ever had, maybe even more than Thomas.dont be shy and enjoy with our special telephone service.Wesley was a twenty year old slacker that lived with his parents in their big two story house.He descended the stairs, and saw his brother, waving his impeccable smile around without discrimination, but did a double take at his friend.

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His brother, Thomas, on the other hand, was the complete opposite.

There’s another bed in there from when Wes used to room with him, so make yourselves comfortable.” Thomas and Brennan thanked the parents, then headed upstairs. Brennan began to loosen up after a few glasses of wine, and seemed to be just as genial and good natured as Thomas, with a penchant for telling tales, and a great sense of humor as well. He’s a vampire, I tell ya.” “Well, it’s never too late to change, dad,” Thomas said. He helped his mom clear the table after dinner, and Brennan approached him and asked what kind of games he played. He was going to make a hypnosis recording, laced with subliminals, and plant his phone next to Brennan’s bed on his old night stand. Wes glanced up the stairs and was stunned as Brennan descended.

Wes quietly observed and listened to Brennan as he talked more about himself. ” The table went quiet, partially stunned by Wes’s inquiry, the first he had spoken at the table. Wes was delighted that he and Brennan shared the same taste, and even offered to play a few games on the console downstairs, before heading up to bed. He knew Brennan would be fatigued, making him far more suggestible, which would mean it’d be easier to convert his sleep into a trance. He was wearing a thin white V neck shirt, high cut running shorts, and nothing else.

He had no ambition, and played video games most of the day, streaming for his paltry following of six people that he wasn’t entirely sure were actually human or just bots.

He sometimes hung out at the nearby junior college, which pleased his parents (who were hardly at home anyways), but it wasn’t for educational purposes, it was to sell weed with one of his friends, his main source of income.

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