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"My mate @amandabyram who I was on a girls holiday with, took a sneaky photo 8 years ago to the day of me and @jessejameswood swapping numbers on a night out in Ibiza.Who would have thought it would lead to two kids and marriage! Fearne Cotton shared a photo of the moment she met Jesse Wood The mum-of-two continued: "A game changing, very drunken night out that I'm forever grateful for. IV heroin users often save their cottons (which are used to filter their shot) because they retain minute amounts of the drug. 'It's never done' You will always be her number one…Is having a second little one around the house conducive to a productive work environment? But I love it, I love being a mum.” Jesse, a guitarist with two bands, Reef and Red Racer, was previously married to model Tilly Boone, with whom he had two children, Arthur, 13 and Lola, nine - who provided Cotton with the perfect initiation into parenthood. You grow up in your twenties being quite selfish and doing what you want.I didn’t become their mum straight away and I am not their mum now. I am more of a support network for them.” She and Jesse met in Ibiza in 2011 and married in July 2014 - Cotton says she knew from the beginning she wanted to be with him forever. Cotton laughs, eyes to the ceiling, as if in search of the right words: “Not parental advice, necessarily.The plural form, "cottons" is reserved for 'types of' or 'kinds of'; for example: The best cottons for this garment are lawn or muslin. Light weight cottons and good walking shoes if going on tours. They have a large selection of cottons to choose from. Cottons are hypo-allergenic organic cotton, as such they pose far lower risk of vaginal infections and TSS than bleached rayon tampons such as Tampax, also this means that Cottons do not contain dioxin. Jesse James Wood is the guitarist/bassist for the Black Swan Effect, The Ronnie Wood Band, and Wills and the Willing, and currently Reef.

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Fearne, 30, says Holly thinks Jesse is the best partner she’s ever had. ‘In fact, I don’t think she’s ever been so pleased for me.’ Reports shortly after the couple hooked up last summer claimed that Holly, 30, was unimpressed with Fearne‘s choice of man – because she was sure he would break the Radio 1 DJ’s heart.I came from TV and it got pushed to the side to an extent, as I had to focus on Radio 1 because it is such an all-encompassing job.” Cotton, who grew up in Eastcote, a suburb of north-west London, is clearly keen to focus on replicating the childhood she had with parents Mick and Lyn, both 62, which she describes as “really normal”.She has a younger brother, Jamie, who shuns the spotlight but also works in the music industry.The BBC Radio 2 presenter was on holiday in Ibiza when she was first introduced to her future husband, with her close friend Amanda Byram capturing the moment the pair exchanged phone numbers.Sharing a photo of the life-changing moment on Instagram, Fearne said she was "forever grateful" they met.

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