Who is jennifer hudson dating 2016

Hudson has been through enough in the public as it is — in 2008, her mother, nephew, and brother were murdered by her sister's estranged husband, according to about this transformative experience and how her son was there to "save" her in the end.

"I went from being an aunt, having a mom, and being a child to not having a mom, becoming a mom, and raising my own child," she said.

There are no photos of her with a partner or anyone that suggests she is in a romantic relationship.

So, it makes sense that Hudson is reportedly single at the moment, according to Heavy, because she has not confirmed whether or not she is been in public relationships in the past.

There are some celebrities who like to keep those things in their life to themselves (hard to believe), and Hudson is one of them.

Although she might keep her love life private, the love she has for her son and her impressive career is undeniable.

, Hudson alleged that a jealous Otunga called her several times while she was at a recording session in Chicago.

When he couldn't reach her, she claimed he had their son try to film her for him to prove she was romantically involved with the producer. Otunga's only concern that evening was putting the child to bed so that he could be well rested for school.

The situation reportedly prompted her to obtain a protective order against him.

People viewing the fireworks from the comfort of their own home this 4th of July are going to be blown away by the show.

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