Who is kd lang dating now

‘The Government of Canada is committed to extending protection to those who need it most,’ they told Gay Star News.

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This is why Elena and Meg haven’t got married – it wouldn’t change their application. Even if they do appeal against the government for refusing Elena citizenship, the appeal will take two years. ‘When you take someone’s freedom and you lock them down, and tell them they can’t have their dreams, that is incarceration,’ Meg said.

Therefore, the couple now suspect the Canadian government of a conspiracy.

They feel like they have been denied their basic rights, their freedom and the right to travel. And they’ve been fighting for their legal right to stay together in Meg’s home country. But they were immediately met with difficulties and delays.

With Hymns of the 49th Parallel, her 2005 Nonesuch Records debut, lang presented her most compelling set of material by other songwriters—all of them, in this case, fellow Canadians—as well as a gorgeous version of her own "Simple." lang's interpretation of Leonard Cohen's oft-covered "Hallelujah" is understatedly stunning; with good reason, it has become, along with her breathtaking cover of Roy Orbison's "Crying," an in-concert showstopper.

Her most recent studio release, the beautiful and self-assured Watershed, was, as the title suggests, a pivotal moment for lang—her first effort acting as producer along with singer and songwriter.

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