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Seeing the Crown Prince of surfing dressed in chinos and Polo shirt, we could deal with.

But it was the battery of long lenses trained on the eighteenth tee like the guns of Navarone that truly disturbed.

I view it as a pretty dynamic thing that’s happening out there. You’ve got to figure out which of these inputs are helping you and which are hurting you But you’re obviously still motivated to compete, right? Right now, I’m competing and that’s what I’ve chosen to do so I’m one hundred per cent applied, but I’m kind of yearning to get off the Tour after so long. I was like, ‘Whoa, there’s Tom Curren, there’s Martin Potter!

Having just pulled into the lead of the ASP World Championship Tour (WCT) by winning the Trestles, California, event, the thirty-eight-year-old is focusing on scoring an unprecedented tenth world title.

If you travel around with the best thirty or forty surfers in the world, it’s hard to get a wave when you’re just part of that crowd.

If I get to be away from the Tour for four to six months or something and then I see the guys it’s pretty cool.

I’d rather be oblivious to it and just surf by myself or with a couple of friends and not have any expectations from people.

Whether they think you’re killing it just because you stand up and you’re a pro surfer, or if they’re critical of you and think you’re surfing like a kook because they expect a lot out of you, it takes away from the fun of it in some ways.

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