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In early 2007, she recorded "Ours to Keep" written by Rachael Lawrence and Deborah Ellen.This song would be featured regularly on General Hospital On November 14, 2007, she created her You Tube account and began posting videos of her songs online.Adults drink beer, wine, and liquor at home and at parties and refer briefly to drugs (a mention of being "stoned"), but main characters don't get drunk.All in all, this is a show where two responsible adults begin a relationship on a bedrock of friendship, an example many parents would no doubt love their children to follow." /At heart, this is a show about two responsible adults who are beginning a relationship on a foundation of friendship and slowly getting to know each other while working through complications, an example many parents would be delighted to have their children emulate.Peter and Joanna both have jobs, friends, families, and responsibilities that they handle maturely.Her first video, "Message from Your Heart," was entered into Doritos Crash the Super Bowl contest.Her progress in the competition was covered in The Orange County Register The contest, which she won, landed her a contract with Interscope Records.

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The show's main focus is romance, so expect many plot lines about dating, romance, romantic complications, kissing, and sex; however, there is no nudity or actual sex.References to "pickup lines" and "scheduled sex" are about as blue as it gets, though a couple is heard moaning briefly in one scene.Numerous conversations revolve around apps, including dating apps in which would-be daters "swipe" to express their interest (or lack thereof) in each other.Cursing includes "hell," "ass," and "bitch," and characters say "shut up!" to each other and that things "suck." They're sometimes cruel and insulting to each other, such as when a woman insults a man for having Axe body spray and tweezed eyebrows.

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