Who is taylor swift dating today

Known for her big-hearted loyalty to her mom and a pack of faithful girl pals, she has garnered massive support through fearlessly sharing her romantic ups and downs through music.Despite her down-home qualities, she is a veritable fountain of blockbuster talent, a multiple Grammy-winning megastar whose estimated net worth smashes the 2016 Forbes Celebrity 100 List with earnings of an estimated 0 million.She is gaining notoriety for gestures such as inviting fans into her home to help bake Valentine cookies and stopping for snaps with passersby while jogging or shopping.

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Two years after purchasing her Nashville penthouse, Taylor bought this ‘Cape Cod-style’ home in Beverly Hills, adding to her growing list of properties.

The message caused Apple to do a prompt 180 on the policy.

As a result of the exchange, Apple garnered major publicity for the new endeavor, and Swift was lauded as a hero to hard-working, often-underpaid musicians.

Taylor Swift, despite her trendsetting looks, still seems like the most approachable Girl Next Door.

She is the coolest, hippest mover and shaker on stage.

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