Why courtship is better than dating

What would hurt is children entering a relationship of uncertainty where they're unaware of their partner's satisfaction.

It would also hurt for children to miss out on opportunities just because their parents are playing it safe with what they're familiar with.

Furthermore, grandchildren deserve the best possible scenario in their own household as well.

That's why emotions should be guarded and waited to be released until marriage..

And parents have every right to cling to their children.. Yes, the children need to grow up and be taught how to live and what not but their parents are there to teach them what marriage is supposed to look like especially of they're Christians..

(Note: courtship usually only happens if it's truly Bible based).

It does not say in the Bible that there has to be courtship, however there are many indications to show that it backs up courtship.) Dating: is basically the daughter choosing the guy she wants to go out with, have fun, be romanced, get emotionally attached, her promises made, affectionally too touchy towards each other, no accountability and chances are she may end up being used for sexual pleasures and then tossed away. One, it assumes that parents know best which isn't necessarily the case.

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