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If you haven't figured it out already, I'm updating this blog post daily during my travels so it's all fresh in my mind, so consider this a live blog with more being added as I travel.As with a lot of countries and airports, you can get a SIM card before immigration, but don't fall for that trap as it's usually more expensive, and you're wasting time as the immigration queue gets longer.Arriving at CMB airport was actually pretty easy and straightforward.You can technically just get your visa on arrival, and when I went there were only a few people in line, but just do it online at lk beforehand just in case as there's no reason not to.I'd suggest going while you're still in Colombo the morning after you land as there's no reason to travel back this direction after.Or if you'd really like to save the trip, you can apply straight away for a 90 day Sri Lankan visa in your home country before you arrive.

I put together a rough travel route map when I first arrived and was trying to figure out what I wanted to do and what I wanted to see during my 3 week trip in Sri Lanka.

When sex happens isn't a barometer for the seriousness of a relationship.

Good sexual compatibility is definitely an important factor, but a relationship has to be built on other things.

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