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Also, the ecchi really starts getting pumped up in this season.

The third season (To Love-Ru Darkness) is absolutely fantastic and the best of the bunch.

And they interact marvelously with each other as they try to chase Rito or fend off his unwitting sexual harassment.

My personal favorites are definitely Yui, Yami, Momo, Lala, Mikan and Oshizu.

I never got tired of Rito falling headfirst into the breasts of an unsuspecting female student.

Mientras tomaba un baño tras regresar de clases, una chica desnuda se aparece frente a él, ella se presenta como Lala, una alienígena que proviene del planeta Deviluke, donde es la heredera al trono.The greatest strength, by far, of the series is the cast of female characters. There are easily 10 women at the end (each with varying affection levels for Rito) and I can honestly say that I love them all.Each girl has a very distinct personality and ability along with different motivations and background.While Motto didn't really have an overarching story, Darkness does a great job incorporating that into the fray especially by delving into and really focusing on the characters of Yami and Momo (who are two of my three favorite characters).Also, Yui Kotegawa starts to get more and more screen time (which I love). The ecchi reaches borderline-hentai levels here and it is glorious.

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