Your dating spot com

To counter this, here are some activities so exciting, they’ll relieve you of the pressure to think of what to say.

Fellow introverts, the next time you wanna shrink back into your shell, just remember that this list was specially curated for you, so that you’d be open to the idea that forging meaningful relationships can actually be pretty fun and isn’t that scary after all.

Don’t worry if you have no prior art experience, art jamming is meant to be a chill activity to get your creative juices flowing regardless of skill level.

Plus, there’ll be designs provided as references to help you along the way. The particles are a lot finer, allowing you to create colour gradients that are even more natural and seamless.

Thankfully, there’s an entire exhibition based on minimalism happening right now, so get your cameras ready for a full day of shoots. This exhibition showcases more than 130 artworks about the origins of minimalism and how it has changed over time.

On display until 14 April 2019, the Art Science Museum and Singapore National Gallery will be hosting Minimalism: Light. Some of the artists featured include Yayoi Kusama and Jeremy Sharma.

With so many exhibits to explore, take your time to enjoy your visit – that’ll be a great way to stretch the date too.

If that’s not impressive enough, they’ve also got an arcade, a darts station, a bar, pool table and KTV booths all under one roof.

Located within [email protected], the centrality of this place makes it a convenient meet-up spot for you and your date too!

Headrock VR is a virtual reality theme park located within Sentosa.

Split into 3 zones – Green, Blue, and Orange – this attraction has a total of 11 digital exhibits.

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