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Christmas and Hanukkah land mines include whether you should bring your significant other over to your Mom’s house, and what to spend on a present.

“Anything one does feels as though it may make a greater statement on the holidays.” Bringing your 1 over to Dad’s to schmoose with your relatives is predicated on two main parameters: 1) The length of time you have been seeing one another and 2) Just how close you live to your immediate family “Let’s say the two of you have been seeing each other for less than 90 days, in this scenario, you are safe doing activities with friends.

We were more or less living together and now we are back to dating on weekends.There is nothing wrong with being single and chasing tail, so long as you can follow the aforementioned rules. Leave no stone unturned and remember it doesn’t matter what you right down as long as it is an honest reflection of what you want.♦◊♦ Instead, I’m going to share what I have learned about the other kind of dating. ◊♦◊ The last piece of the puzzle is simple but contrary to your instincts: Stop with the ‘casting couch’ approach. There’s no set number of dates or anything here…Just try and get to know a women before you jump in the sack with her.When it comes to meeting the family, you should limit your time to dessert and coffee only! “After That 90 day mark, eating a complete meal and then some, with your family, is just fine.” Long distance travel outside of the DC, MD or VA tri-state area requiring an overnight stay should be reserved until you’ve been together for at least 6 months.“Traveling prematurely is a no-no, as it makes a pretty grand statement,” says Krista. This is another booby-trap that involves the length of time you have been together.

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