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We are now entering a sacred space of the living Divine. Ma expressed how much love and joy she felt being at convocation.

Her personal message: “Dear Ones, Warm greetings in the name of our beloved Gurudev.

Though any kind of is advantageous, chanting or praying aloud has the defect of diluting the attention-diffusing the energy in the outer action of vocalizing.

(Overemphasis on devotional paraphernalia or on the external arrangements of the place of worship also tends to divert the soul outward.) Silent worship has greater power; one’s mental energy goes more quickly and directly to the indwelling Spirit.

(DISCLAIMER: These notes are our best attempt to capture the essence of what was said at this class.

There is always a degree of human error involved when taking notes and we have transcribed them to the best of our ability.)Let’s open this spiritual week by invoking the presence of God and our great Gurus.

As forecast earlier this week, the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia delivered the long-awaited guilty verdict to the infamous “Butcher of Bosnia”, Ratko Mladić.

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It does not involve any physical or mental repetition of a word or words. Ommmmmmmm, Guru The difference is in the vibration produced. Chanting and praying aloud is strong, but silent worship has greater power. The practice of Japa as a sacred rite fills the mind with spiritual vibration. The supreme form of Japa is superconscious chanting.

Open your heart and consciousness fully and allow their blessings to flow through you. Brother gave the example of Christopher Parkening, the classical guitarist. Bach’s music inspired in Parkening the spirit of Jesus.

Tonight we go to the heart and soul of positive thought – the thought of God. The essence of thought is vibration and each thought has its own vibration which leads to matter. He had a prayerful concentration in the sound of each note.

In God Talks with Arjuna, Master discusses the Art and Science of Silent, Sacred Chanting.

Chapter 10, Verse 25: “Of the Maharishis (mighty sages), I am Bhrigu; among words, I am the one syllable Aum; among yajnas (holy ceremonies), I am japa-yajna (silent, superconscious chanting); among stationary objects, I am the Himalaya.” Master’s Commentary: “As the roar of the ocean is the composite sound of all its waves, so the cosmic sound of is the symbol of God.

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