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Thus, there is the same amount of lines in chroma planes as in the luma plane.

For a 2×2 group of pixels, there are 4 Y samples and 2 U and 2 V samples each.

Unless otherwise stated, values for each component are stored in one octet (8 bits).

Planar (or sometimes "triplanar") formats use separate matrices for each of the 3 color components.

Degree students parents attended, discussed, gave their feedback, suggestions, very well and students were given an opportunity to address their grievances too. Sharath Hebalkar, Vice President, Akhila Bharatiya Hitihasa Sankalana.

As of April 7th 2011, they have approximately 1000 DFG/1394 Converters left in stock.Like I420, I422 has one luma plane Y and 2 chroma planes U, V.However, in I422, chroma planes (blue and red projections) are sub-sampled only in the horizontal dimension, still by a factor of 2.In other words, there is one table of luminance pixel values, and two separate tables for the chrominance components.This segregated representation in memory of pixels is more convenient for video coding.

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